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Best Web Designer on the East Coast to the Gulf of Mexico with virtuosity in Virtually Every City

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During the time he developed a website for Dancing with the PCC Stars, he helped to update the main PCC Foundation site...

other event sites and the Alumni Relations site. Working with Shaun has been a pleasurable experience. He has been responsive, has offered good insights and recommendations...

has elevated the quality of the foundation's Internet presence, and has done so while keeping in mind the limits of our budget.

Lynne James - Development Director | Pitt Community College Foundation

Shaun is a creative, outside of the box thinker and dreamer who pushes the evolution of the human mind.

Crystal Simmons - Communications and Outreach in Higher Education Sustainability

Now THAT's the WOW Factor I've been looking for!

Mike Bostic - M&K Record Researchers

WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Website, you all must be thrilled!

Cindy Kosor - Account Executive | Suddenlink® Media

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The Da Vinci of Web Design

FREE Consultation on your next web design or development project

A Proven System

First, the process starts by collaborative project planning, current system analysis, and setting goals.

Next, I develop your solution to fit your personal or company's most important needs for a Better Return on Investment to make a lasting impression in your market.

Lastly, I combine your current Marketing, Logo, and Branding (or we create new) along with testing methodologies to analyze your market and cater to it more effectively.



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Would you believe I was once told I put "Too Much Heart" into my work?